Billiard Chairs

Beautifully crafted billiard chairs are a great addition to any billiard room. Most of the billiard chairs are made taller than the billiard table so that one can easily view the movements. Billiard chairs are made with or without handles and cushions. These are available in three different heights. Counter height and bar height chairs are the two most common types of chairs. The former is about 23 to 25 inches in height and the latter is 30 inches. Billiard chairs taller than bar height chairs are called spectator chairs. For providing maximum stability, beauty and comfort, spectator chairs are often equipped with an extra wide seat cushion, arched seat back and an extra-large foot platform with lined beverage holder and cue restBilliard chairs are made from wood or wrought iron. Custom designed billiard chairs are available to suit the individual needs of customers. These are available in many wood finishes including cherry, oak, and original mahogany. To protect the wood finish, brass foot plates are provided.Most billiard chairs are equipped with padded seat, foot rest, cue notch cup and holder on arms, support system, and a hidden drawer for accessories. Most come with instructions for installing footrest and directions for adding cue rest to the arm.Leather, vinyl or upholstery fabric is used to make the seat cushions. To resist stains, the fabric is treated with teflon.The cost of billiards chairs vary on the basis of materials used and the level of craftsmanship involved. Customers also have an option of purchasing billiard chairs with personalized logos inscribed on them.